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The game starts you in a tutorial, which explains the controls and the mechanics. When you jump into the game, you'll need to figure out how to use all the available bricks (which are scattered around the island), to build a powerful plane able to explore the other asteroids. There are 11 treasures to be collected and you can find maps which point you to them. To find the maps, you'll have to explore, keep your eyes open for anything that looks 'interesting'.

A little background if you're interested:

Asteroid Search is the third iteration on an exploration game I've been wanting to make for a long time.

In its current state, this really is a prototype, in which I have temporarily let go of both the detailed terrain (as seen here) and fact that the world was endless and procedural. I did this because the gameplay was lacking and I really loved the lego-like crafting mechanic in Astroneer.

So the world, the 'lego bricks', the visuals, the limited sound, it's all placeholder really, I focussed on the gameplay and while it's mostly a relaxing, exploration game, if you do everything right you can find all 11 treasures in under an hour.


Basically any 3D model you see that isn't a tree or a rock or a cube is by Joram van Loenen.

The sounds and effects are free assets from the asset store by Little Robot Sound Factory and by Electrodynamics.


Endless2018_AsteroidSearch_r2.zip 94 MB
AsteroidSearch_2018_OSX_r2.zip 104 MB

Install instructions

It's a Unity build in a zip file, you've probably seen one before ;) Just download the zip, virus scan it and unpack to wherever you keep your games. You don't need to keep the zip and to uninstall the game just delete its folder.

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